The Road to Publication: Getting People to Do Stuff For You

I’ve had a busy week! Here’s the highlights:

I’ve formatted Kevin the Vampire for both print and ebook.

You can pay for formatting services, but it seemed a good idea to do it at least once myself, if only to learn what goes into interior design decisions.

It turns out it is not rocket science, but it was challenging to find clear instructions. Unless you want to cut and paste some weirdo’s exact design preferences, it can require a lot of noodling around and digging through manuals to get the look you want. The ebook, for example: I spent a whole night tinkering with css only to find out that e-reader apps don’t support half of what I learned, and some even less than others.

On the other hand, I had not imagined how fun it could be to place your page numbers until I had to do it for my own print book. Center of the page, outside of the page? How about even on the top of the page?! Daring, right? The same goes for heading chapters: numerals, Roman numerals, chapter titles. All these little decisions: it’s like planning your wedding. To yourself.

Fonts though. I hate picking fonts. A font is one of those things people only notice when they are wrong. Since I think about them while I choose them, I must be messing them up. That’s logic.

An imprint logo has been designed for my publishing company.

You see them on the spines of books and inside with the front matter. Like those logos, mine is fairly simple: a letter, a box, and a line. But seeing the logo inside of my book made me feel like I’m now wearing man pants instead of short pants. I am totally legit. Because there is a logo. That is what logos do.

I’m pretty close to having a cover for Kevin the Vampire.

I’ve had trouble finding someone to do the kind of work I want for The Killbug Eulogy, but the designer I spoke to about Kevin made me what I wanted in like twenty minutes. There is even a joke from the text I don’t remember ever telling her about. Anyways, I like looking at it. It cheers me up very much.

I got edits back for The Killbug Eulogy.

This is both the most exciting thing and the biggest headache. Pretty much every little decision I’ve made in the book, I’ve been encouraged to needle in one direction or the other. Creatively, I want to move onward to the next project—which I’m half way through, but forced to put on hold to attend all this publishing business—and now I have to go backward. So that’s frustrating. But this is also going to help me tighten some screws, and it should come out a stronger novel over all.

Did all this really happen in the last week?

It seems so! I felt I was very busy getting nowhere fast, but it turns out a lot of little bits can add up to a whole lot all at once.

Oh, and I also think I got the author picture I’m going to use, probably even until I’m like eighty. It was illustrated by a seven year old. It’s of me farting. My hair totally sticks out to the side like that when I’m letting one rip.

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