The Killbug Eulogies

The Killbug Eulogies is a darkly humorous novel about space marines torn apart by giant insects in a galactic war.


The Killbug Eulogies

Disemboweled by the razor scythes of a six-foot mantis, lobotomized by hungry larvae, or roasted on an exoskeletal skewer: these are only a few of the disgusting ways to die in humanity’s hopeless war against giant space insects. Deployed on a brutal bug planet without a chaplain, a depleted infantry unit has entrusted its eulogy duties to the soldier standing closest at time of death. Somehow this rotten privilege keeps falling to Pvt. Timothy Archon.

Archon’s speeches explore the strange obsessions the men have developed since the war began—from archiving killbug death psalms to trying to seduce the enemy. Did these manias somehow redeem them, or only bring them quicker to their messy ends?

But more importantly: Why does Archon keep having such terrible luck?

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People Are Saying

“[F]antastic – and genuinely funny – satire with a dark bent, a thoughtful take on war, and a great piece of writing, one where form and function are intertwined in a way that leads you to realize that this book couldn’t have been done in any other way – at least, not without being this good, this fun, and this rich.” – Josh Mauthe of The Library Police

“[A]side from the insightful perspectives of the deceased, the story dazzles with creative uses of language and descriptions. A colorful world comes alive through the lens of characters that range from erudite to impish. Truly a joy to read.” -Holly

“If you like hard space sci-fi or . . . thought-provoking writing mixed with dark humor, then you will enjoy this book.” -Jay


Files for the audiobook version are nearly complete. Click below for a sample. In this scene, Oogo’s addiction to unlocking video-game style achievements causes friction in the unit. (Caution: NSFW)