Sky Joust: The Purple Onion vs. The Pestilence

Sometimes putting the bad guys away just isn’t enough. You gotta make ’em ashamed to show their faces again.

You need a hero like the Purple Onion. Someone who’s not just gonna beat villains in a fist fight. He’s gonna hurt them until they cry.

Then he’s gonna put the video on YouTube. For everyone to laugh at.

Sky Joust: THe Purple Onion vs. The Pestilence

On this adventure, the Purple Onion faces off against an evil band of knights who have updated their medieval weaponry for modern day urban warfare.

They have flamethrowing lances, laser shields, and horses with jetpacks. They’re the deadliest jousters since the court of Charlemagne.

And they ride into battle while listening to the Pointer Sisters.

Full of laughs, packed with action, this is a superhero adventure you won’t want to miss. Download Sky Joust: The Purple Onion vs. The Pestilence now!