Hi, I’m Will Madden. I am a novelist. Here’s some things you can know about that.

The first thing you are likely to notice about me is the energy I put into world building. I like to create a layered space and fill it with strong personalities, offbeat histories, unusual tastes, and dangerous environments. A mining planet where water frolic is the national sport, or a city where the local government is run by maniacal botanists, and operational manuals for toaster ovens are the dominant art form.

I write in genre, but I read mostly outside the material I work in. Some say they read to escape, I read to feel real. For me, the best books challenge the way I look at the world, and this ought to be a little uncomfortable. My favorite experiences behind a book have felt a little like choking. I get that this maybe isn’t you, so I try to use a light hand, but that’s the kind of material that inspires me at my best.

When writing fiction first became part of my daily routine over a decade ago, it was probably true that I was trying to overpower my reader. I’ve learned since then that a reader is a writer’s companion, not his adversary. I believe I’m now capable of taking you on an entertaining tour of my imagination while I chase after whatever white stag foolishness I can’t be dissuaded from.

The world is full of horror and humor. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which is which. It’s okay, we don’t always have to know. The places where the two overlap are interesting for me. The places where we disagree about the dominant flavor are the most interesting of all.

Here’s what I look like.


Actually, it isn’t. Because I’m an author, I’m showing you a picture where I look the least like myself as possible. I don’t know why authors do this. In fact, I planned to buck the trend and show you just a normal candid image, of regular me waiting for like a bus or something. But I hardly ever ride a bus! Once I accepted I meant to pick a photo that would lie to you, I decided to go all way and show myself with an uncharacteristic grimace (I do grimace, but totally otherwise) and wearing a stupid hat I have never owned.

By the way, only the head-and-shoulders part of me is human. The rest is a chimaeric mix of goat, lion, and snake. Shopping for jeans is a nightmare.

That joke sounds pandering to me, and now I feel dirty. But I’m leaving it anyway. I guess I want you to think about why.

I grew up in the Bronx, New York and I live in Nashville, Tennessee. My hobbies include studying languages (I have a degree in Latin and Greek, right now I’m into German), attending art crawls, eating my vegetables, and pretending the stuff I knit was bought at a store. Sometimes I even pretend someone else bought it.

For instance, my acupuncturist got me this at Dick’s Sporting Goods.


I don’t understand, skulls isn’t even a sport.

Contact me by pressing where it says contact above. Fill out the form like you were ordering a cheeseburger. It’s so easy!