Kevin The Vampire: An Urban Fantasy Novelette

Today’s vampire genre has more than its share of irresistible seducers and monsters of insatiable bloodlust. Here’s a tale better suited to the Buffy universe, full of snappy dialog in a small town setting. But don’t let the campy tone fool you: when the chips are down, the stakes are for world dominion. Kevin the Vampire is a fast-paced novelette, ideal for readers who enjoy light-hearted genre play and frequent plot twists.

The Cover

Kevin The Vampire: An Urban Fantasy suspense thriller

The Story

Back in the 1980s, Kevin hoisted a firebrand to bad-assery as a new vampire outside the punk rock clubs of New York City. These days, he’s retreated to rural Ohio, where he lazes around an abandoned church, playing the organ and dreading the taste of the corn-fed locals. One night, a vampire hunter breaks into his sanctum bearing worrying news: another of Kevin’s kind has concocted a plot to turn the whole world into a hell for living and undead alike. The hunter proposes an alliance to destroy this rogue vampire, but Kevin suspects his would-be ally has at least one secret he isn’t telling.

Praise for Kevin The Vampire

“[A] smartly written novelette with a unique plot”
BigAl’s Books and Pals

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