Kevin The Vampire Is Totally A Thing Now

Fifteen years ago I published my first short story. It was about a dude whose roommate was a ghost who tried to steal his girlfriend. Before I sat down to write that story, I had never had the slightest inkling to write ghost stories.

Before I wrote Kevin the Vampire I had no ambitions to write about bloodsucking undead. That’s not true. I want to do a web comic called Sad Vampire. The title gives a pretty good idea what it would have been about.

In one comic, SV is up on a rooftop, where he has just defeated like twenty dudes in mortal combat. SV walks to the edge of the roof to gaze out over the sleeping city and then up into the night sky. Broken and mutilated corpses lie all about him in messy heaps. “The full moon is so . . . sad tonight,” he says.

In another comic, SV is about to eat a pretty lady. She says, “Before I die, I want you to know you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.” In the next panel, SV is gazing into an empty mirror. A drop of blood hangs from his lip as a tear runs down his cheek. “I’m so sad,” he says.

SV is walking through a wood on the night after a sudden spring snow. His vampiric collar is turned up against the cold. A wolf comes out from the trees and lays a bird’s nest at SV’s feet. The nest has fallen from a branch in the storm, and the eggs will not hatch. Timidly the wolf huddles down in the snow, its snout touching the nest. It whimpers as it covers its head with its paws. SV sits down next to the wolf. “I know Lupo,” he says. He pets the wolf behind the ears. “It is very sad.”

Anyways, I wrote a short book called Kevin the Vampire. You can get it as an ebook on Amazon right now. Click on the image to get it!


Print and audio coming soon!

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