Introducing Kevin the Vampire

The Killbug Eulogies is still moving along the production pipe. Today I’m announcing a novelette whose release I’m slipping ahead of that science fiction novel. It is called Kevin the Vampire.


Back in the 80s, Kevin (a vampire) hoisted a firebrand to bad-assery outside the punk rock clubs of New York City. These days, he’s retreated to rural Ohio, where he lazes around an abandoned church, playing the organ and dreading the taste of the corn-fed locals. One night, a vampire hunter breaks into his sanctum bearing worrying news: another of Kevin’s kind has concocted a plot to turn the whole world into a hell for living and undead alike. The hunter proposes an alliance to destroy this rogue vampire, but Kevin suspects his would-be ally has at least one secret he isn’t telling.

The conceit was this: ten chapters in ten days, each chapter representing a significant turn in the plot. No planning in advance. I was allowed to go back after it was done to remove inconsistencies and apply a layer of polish.

Making The Killbug Eulogies into a fun story that will also have resonance with readers has required a lot of time and energy. (The money was not negligible for me either.) Instead of crossing my fingers and hoping for the best on the publication end, I’ve written Kevin the Vampire as a test run. This way I hope to have fewer snags putting out the work I’m more invested in. So yes, it’s a learning exercise, but hopefully one that will be fun for everyone.

When Kevin felt depressed, he’d mount the chancel and drape his body across the altar. He always took off his shoes when he did this. He had no idea why. Pretty much his entire life was a sacrilege now. He’d smeared lewd paintings with human blood on the walls! After that, how could either he or God care about some schmutz on the altar cloth? But no matter what you did, Kevin felt there always had to be a line, and this is where he drew his.

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