Cover Art for Kevin the Vampire

How exciting! We’re getting ready to release Kevin the Vampire here at Square Straw Press.

Wait, who is that?


That’s us!

Check it out: it has an S and a P. It has a square and a straw, and it’s pressing. Plus a bookmark, ‘cause we make books. It’s got everything it is.

The text of Kevin has undergone a few late changes. Some people had an issue with the ending, so I added some plot leverage there. I wasn’t in love with the opening so I made it more suspenseful and asinine. Then we had a long debate over here that resulted in us deciding Kevin’s actions would make more sense if he is less bohemian wastrel and more bourgie snob, so I made changes throughout–but that not that many, because when you really look at it those are just very slightly different senses of entitlement.

We also argued about how to spell bourgie. Booshie. Boozhee. Basically everything looks wrong.

We discussed all this in the woods. True story.

Also I streamlined some of the talky bits. Everyone likes their talky trim and svelte. Like their best friend’s hot grandma.

Kevin will be available in ebook, print, and audio. The audio is not done, but the ebook will be free! So be sure to download that when it comes out. Release date to be announced soon.

Covers are ready for all three.

Oh, did you want to see one?

KevinVampire (3)

This was done by Keri Knutson over at Alchemy Book Covers and Design.

There is corn on the altar. Corn!

You’ve heard of the American Dream, but here’s what America sees when it’s dreaming.  Down to the vampire and the socks, I think.

I amended the text so that the color of Kevin’s nail polish matches the picture. I went to Target to figure out what that color would be called if it was sold at Target. (Kevin buys polish at Walgreens, but I was at Target. On account I am posh.)

The book just says “brightly colored” for the socks, ’cause I don’t have any words for that.

Unless it’s “stripes,” I guess.

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