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Here’s what is in the works!

The Killbug Eulogies

A science fiction novel set in a future where humans and giant insects fight to the death across the galaxy. A task force of men who grew up together on a backwater mining planet tries to destroy a hive of Great Dane-sized praying mantises deep inside enemy space. Whenever one of the soldiers is killed, the funeral speech reveals the great passions of his life, how they shaped him as a child on the homeworld and led to his unfortunate end. Irreverent and goofy, sometimes chilling and sad, always inventive.

Where it’s at: All set to be released on June 12th!  Audiobook in the mastering stage.


The next series of projects take place in Dodoville, a city located in an imaginary English speaking country in the modern world. They take place from the last quarter of the twentieth century to the present day. The stories represent a variety of genres and styles.


In the late 80s, Dodoville is recovering from its loss in the Zahzian War. Amid talk that collaborators have betrayed the nation to her enemies, the theater impresario Rhadamanthus Flynn devises a form of entertainment where those who have escaped punishment for past crimes are forced to repeat them on stage before the masses. Flynn’s chief attraction is the famous crooner Rico Daggett, widely believed to have murdered his wife at sea over ten years ago. Every night he is forced to stand above a tank of poisonous eels and sing for her return.

Style: Elizabethan revenge tragedy! A play in five acts. Discontent ghosts, palace intrigue, cross-dressing, death by stabbings and poison, and other stuff you may not have realized is typical for this genre. Not meant for the stage, conceived as a novel in the form of a stage play. Not meant for the stage but to be read as a novel. In contemporary English: no rhyming couplets or forsooths.

Where it’s at: Complete, but still wanting a few tweaks. I still have to figure out the best way to format it for those fickle e-readers that sometimes ignore stylesheet instructions.

The Purple Onion

Imagine Batman, but instead of tying up his enemies and leaving them for the police, he beats them until they cry, makes a video, and posts it on YouTube. Oh, and he wears purple, of course.

This book explores the history of four phases of gang rule in Dodoville, by industry bosses, a theater impresario, the university department of botany, and the consortium of tchotchke merchants.

Style: a masked vigilante story, but it is divided into the five sections, each to have its own emphasis.

Where it’s at: All parts exist the preliminary drafts, the first two have also completed the middle stage.

The Age of the Botanicists

The political climate of the mid-90s fosters its own Lost Generation in Dodoville. The artistic clique of geniuses and madmen meet at the Loomhouse of counterfeiter Ingrid Gale in the artistry of the city’s unique mad culture during the rise of Cynthia Pack. As if Dodoville had its own Lost Generation of artists in the early 90s.

Style: various writers who worked in Paris during the 1920s!

Where it’s at: Some very finished pages, other very rough outlines.