A New Novel, Classic Sci-Fi Feel

My first full-length novel, The Killbug Eulogies, is just about ready for release this June!

The book has been booting around my hard drive for several years while I worked on other material. For a long time, I felt intimidated by the publication process, especially when so many people talk about the mistakes they made putting out their first book. I was afraid of making a mess of it.

That’s why last October I put out a little book called Kevin The Vampire. While I believe this story has charm and vitality, it was written over a short period of time, so I was a lot less invested in its success. Instead, I used it as a tool to learn how to avoid some of the pitfalls in the process. I had a few bobbles on the production end, but anything I’ve ever been good at, I mastered by not being afraid to make mistakes.

The second cause for the delay was the trouble in pinning down the right aesthetic for the cover. The Killbug Eulogies is science fiction, but most of the designers of sci-fi covers I found are making art for a certain kind of action-oriented story, where a hero with a gun overcomes a series of obstacles to destroy the bad thing, which wasn’t what I had written. In spirit, my book draws on the stories I absorbed as a kid in the ‘80s, about spacemen frying in the desert of an uninhabited planet, or terrorized by alien monsters that will not be vanquished by superior technology or kung fu. In order to survive, the protagonist will need to look backward or inward, making use of tools designed for another time or place.

I finally found this print at a Nashville crafts fair, which gave me the feel I was looking for.

(You can get this print over on Etsy.)

In my book, soldiers fight with guns that have found a way to weaponize the still-theoretical supersummetrical elementary particles that are a necessary component of string theory: smuons, squarks, and photinos, for instance. But what would such a weapon look like and how would it behave? “Pretty much exactly like a flintlock rifle,” was a good start.

In other words, for the cover I wanted a vision of the future that was also a memory of the past.

Plus, giant insects. It’s kinda in the title.

Anyways, I think I found it. Hang out here, I’ll be doing the cover reveal shortly!

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